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This is a good way to dispose of excess sourdough, which can happen often.

The za’atar is a mix of aromatic herbs, sesame seeds and oil is a typical blend of Lebanese cuisine. The composition of the herbs can vary, the base is always sesame and thyme, then you can add marjoram and oregano as in this recipe, but also cumin, fennel seeds and sumac. You can find it on the market ready.

Lebanese baharat is made from nutmeg, cassia (which is a type of cinnamon), garlic, coriander, cardamom, chilli, black pepper, caraway (or caraway), cloves and cumin. It is commercially available ready-made and is normally used with meat dishes, but it is also excellent with lentils or rice. There are many different versions of this spice mix in almost every country in the Middle East.


  • 150g of sourdough
  • 500g of bread flour
  • 2 teaspoons of sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 teaspoons of za’atar spice mix
  • 2 teaspoons Lebanese baharat spice mix
  • 1 teaspoon of salt




20 minutes


2 hours

Cooking time

10-15 minutes


Dissolve the sourdough with the water and sugar, add the flour a little at a time, then pour in the oil and top with the salt.

Knead vigorously until you get a homogeneous dough, divide it into two parts and add the Lebanese baharat spice mix to one.

Shape each piece of dough into a ball, cover it with a cloth and let it rise for about 2 hours.

Take the dough with the spices already in the dough, deflate it and divide it into 5 pieces of about 80 g each.

Shape into balls, then flatten them and roll them out with a rolling pin to a diameter of about 12-13 cm. Now do the same thing with the other dough and arrange the discs of the two types on a baking sheet covered with baking paper.

Add a little oil to the za’atar, then brush it on the spice-free pasta discs. Bake the loaves at 200 ° for about 10-15 minutes and let them cool on a wire rack before serving.

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