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For the making of this bread, I followed the Nunzia Argentiero’s recipe (www.cucinaetica.it) that is in the book Il grano del futuro, by Luciana Maroni and Daniela Ponzini. The booklet is very interesting and tells the story of how the 11 ancient grains mix of the Parco Agricolo Sud Milano was born.

Following the procedure of the book, I made bread with pure flour, but if you prefer (it is easier) you can use this flour in percentage. I would use about 500g with as much flour type 1 or 2 or wholemeal, always stone ground.

Since this type of wheat (and flour) requires a great hydration, that is, the use of more water in proportion to the flour than a “modern” wheat, the dough is more difficult to work. One of the options is to cook the dough in a plum-cake or sandwich bread mold, so that it tends to spread less resulting in it being too flat.

Usually the proportion of water and flour is 600g per 1kg of flour. The quantity of sourdough in the recipes can also vary according to personal taste (for a more
or less acidic bread), but here it also has
a strengthening function of the dough,
so instead of my classic 200g of sourdough on 1kg of flour, here I used 300g.


  • 1kg of 11 ancient grain flour
  • 500g of sourdough if made with 11 ancient grains or 300g if obtained with bread flour 
  • 700ml of water at room temperature
  • sea salt from 1 to 2% of the total weight of the flour




30 minutes


5-7 hours

Cooking time

1 hour


Refresh the sourdough twice in the two days prior to the preparation of the dough.

In a large bowl with very high edges (about 20 cm.) pour the flour and gently air it with your hands.
Dissolve the salt in the water.

Divide the flour on the sides of the bowl and pour all the water with the salt in the middle,start incorporating the flour into the water with gentle and slow movements, when the flour has absorbed all the water add the sourdough which must be soft.

Continue the kneading of the dough which must be very soft to the touch, (you will not have to use the traditional method which consists of pulling the dough into a ball), but you will have to massage the dough, folding it on itself in two directions in different steps and between a step and the other work it with your fists, always gently.
Leave the dough to rest for about 1 hour 1- 1,5 depending on the temperature.

Take the dough again and proceed with the forming, fold the dough it on itself, forming it in a basket covered with a well floured linen napkin. Leave to rest for 2 to 4 hours depending on the temperature and humidity.

Heat the oven. Quickly move the loaf on the baking tray by turning it upside down, cut the dough according to your use and flour the surface well.

Bake the loaves in the oven already at 220°, where you will have inserted a steel saucepan with water, for about 20 minutes, decrease the temperature and continue cooking for about 15/20, the bread is cooked when tapping the bottom makes a dull noise.

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