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Bread has always been a passion of mine, it relaxes me, it has taught me to know how to wait, for me it is like an oriental philosophy: it makes me concentrate and so I abstract myself from the rest of the world. I entered this world a little at a time, for goodies, and then I became demanding with the choice of flour, my sourdough, trying to reach a perfection to which one never arrives, but to which it is good to tend. In this site you will find the recipes divided by type of yeast, but also a section dedicated to great leavened products, because they have a special place in my heart. Then you will also find a series of small articles on the world of flour and bread because the universe that revolves around bread it’s really varied or rather colorful. Ah, besides bread, I have another great passion, the kitchen, if you want, you can go and take a look at my site Pizzaforbreakfast.

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Panettone & Co.

Long mixtures, prepared in successive phases, rich in aroma and unmistakable scents


Flour and water, here comes the magic of the yeast. A world to discover and never leave again

Fresh yeast

With this yeast, practical and quick to use, baking becomes child’s play

Mixed yeasts

For those who do not want to choose, they do not want to stay here or there, but only on the side of bread (the good one)

Il Pane fatto in casa

The book you have always dreamed of … More than 100 recipes of bread, pizza, focaccia and desserts to not miss the best of fresh yeast and sourdough.
You can buy the book on line on Amazon

Latest Articles

Panificatori Agricoli Urbani

Inside Cibo a Regola d’Arte, organized by Corriere della Sera, in the bakery area (new this year) there was a very interesting meeting with the Panificatori Agricoli Urbani: there were the bakers Davide Longoni, Valeria Messina, Pasquale Polito, Matteo Piffer, Giovanni Mineo and the founder of Mulinum Stefano Caccavari.

Sourdough refresh

Sourdough is a living being and as such must be fed. It needs flour and water so that the bacteria contained within it can turn the starch of the flour into sugar and start leavening. Depending on how often you use sourdough and depending on where you keep it (in the fridge or at room temperature), it can be refreshed every day and up to about every 5 days.

Manitoba flour

Manitoba flour is a soft wheat flour which is named after the Manitoba region in Canada. Its main characteristic is that it is very rich in proteins, that are useful to improve the stability and leavening of bread dough.

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