I don’t remember if in the many tips I never said that the sourdough resists very well for three months in the freezer, so go on vacation in peace, he will be waiting for you when you return, nice after the cold treatment. Every year, I freeze about 200g of sourdough at the beginning of July and then I awake it in September. It takes about a week (depending on the strength of the sourdough), but the procedure is very simple.

This year was a Monday morning when I decided that I would wake Sleeping Beauty in my freezer at 10 am to be precise. After about 4 hours it was almost completely thawed and after another 2 hours I started the first refreshment: I kept 100g of sourdough (better the inner part, the heart) and I refreshed them with 200g bread flour (or anyway strong flour) and 100g of water. This is a strong refreshment, because at the beginning the sourdough must have plenty of flour to grow because it is hungry. I put it in its glass container with the lid on it, I made a cross cut and left it at room temperature until the next day. In these early days the sourdough does not yet have the strength to grow, it just feeds.

On Tuesday morning I kept only 100 g of sourdough and I repeated the strong refreshment with 200g of flour and 100g of water. Always at room temperature until the next morning.

Even on Wednesday morning the yeast did not change its volume, the consistency is very sticky and the color is not a pure white. Same treatment, I kept 100g, strong refreshment, the only difference is that at 6 pm put the container (closed with the cap) of the yeast in the refrigerator until the next morning.

Thursday morning I took the yeast out of the fridge, left it at room temperature for a couple of hours, then I kept 100g and started the “classic” refresh: the same weight of the sourdough in flour, half the weight in water, then 100g of flour and 50g of water. At this point the yeast should start to grow, so to be sure of grasping the difference in volume well, I put it in a container that contains it to size and in which it can grow in height. For safety, I also put a piece of tape on the initial level of the sourdough: so I will immediately see the difference …

And on Friday morning the difference can be seen! The yeast is finally active again: pulled out of the refrigerator and left at room temperature it continued to grow … Welcome back among us!

For another week I will try to refresh it every day to bring it back to a right strength for my type of bakery, then classic refreshment every 4-5 days depending on the use.

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