Inside Cibo a Regola d’Arte, organized by Corriere della Sera, in the bakery area (new this year) there was a very interesting meeting with the Panificatori Agricoli Urbani: there were the bakers Davide Longoni, Valeria Messina, Pasquale Polito, Matteo Piffer, Giovanni Mineo and the founder of Mulinum Stefano Caccavari.

The basic discourse is clear: the awareness on the part of bakers is that making bread does not mean only mixing flour, water and yeast, but it means knowing the whole chain that brings bread to our tables from the field. This is the message that this group of passionate urban agricultural bakers tells us.

The return to a few types of bread, but made with grains from which we know the origin and in some cases even the farmer who planted the cereal, guarantees the consumer, now become demanding and expert, a bread to the rule of art.

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