The first guide on the world of bread and bakers published by Gambero Rosso has just been released. There was no guide in this variegated world of bread, above all a point of the situation on the world of bread was missing in Italy today. Bread is bread, one might say, but bread is much more and follows different paths depending on the currents that carry it. Until about ten years ago, bread has followed the flow of “much, different, special”, running the risk of losing sight of quality (not always of course) and getting the consumer accustomed to a bread that stands out a bit from the concept of daily bread.

Let me explain: bread is a pleasure, it is what goes with everything (so much so that the term “companatico” in Italian in the dictionary indicates “every food that goes with bread during meals”), is simple and complete. Then it must also be good, made with selected flours and designed yeasts. Here, the Gambero Rosso guide addresses precisely this issue: the new bakery, the awareness on the part of the operators that the consumer has the right to a bread with name and surname. The more conscious use of yeasts, the careful choice of flour, the attention to the supply chain as a whole and the experience made available of a quality bread raises the level of bread making in Italy.

Laura Mantovano in the introduction rightly says “… since the road to quality is still long and” full of traps “, it is time to explain, to distinguish, to emphasize the differences.” The guide before going into the description of the bakeries in Italy, puts the reader in a position to understand the votes attributed to each one and does so with a small vademecum on how to recognize a good bread:
1 Know the baker
2 Just like a good wine, a good bread must smell nice and taste good
3 Even the appearance should not be overlooked
4 It must be possible to preserve for a long time
5 Follow personal taste
Following is a small glossary and then the special prize “to the fathers of modern bakery”:
Eugenio Pol, Davide Longoni, Ezio Marinato, Davide Bedu and Gabriele Bonci
Beautiful this modern bread-making classification, as if it had put a dot on it and now we start from there. With all the experience in the backpack, looking for today’s bread.

Last two small notes, the beautiful drawings of Gaia Guarino and the recipe here and there with bread leading actor.

Pane & Panettieri d’Italia
Gambero Rosso Editore


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