Forno Condiviso is one of the #buoneidee of the Scuola dei Quartieri for the redevelopment of the suburbs of the Municipality of Milan. Anna (i.e. temporaryBreadblog), food writer always with her hands in the dough and Laura, who teaches the food history to her students at university, we thought of opening a space that is a link between the inhabitants of the neighborhood, but also a place of training and social redemption.

This project aims to be a meeting point, a place for a community that revolves around the world of bread. A center where Corvetto neighborhood residents, students, enthusiasts, producers and craftsmen find their meeting point.

A place where made bread, a school for those who want to learn, an oven for those who want to bring bread to bake, a laboratory for those who want to experiment, a space for those who want to tell their products, an opportunity for those who want to share their food experiences. All this to make us contaminated by the diversity that exists in each of us.

We have also chosen Corvetto in order to take advantage of the short chain of Parco Sud and Chiaravalle, because for us the choice of flours is important: we want to use as much as possible short-chain and stone-ground flours and sourdough. In short … flour and water, simpler than that!

After winning the first call and participating in the 100-hour training course, we also won the second call for financing the prototype which will last one year.

We strongly believe in this project and we hope to transmit our enthusiasm and our desire to do to all those who want to embark on this adventure with us.

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