It is almost trivial to write a review on California Bakery, an institution in Milan in terms of American cuisine. A certain cuisine, one made of bagels, sandwiches, hamburgers, avocado toast, quiche and of course the legendary desserts. A menu that adapts very well to an American brunch that is completed with the dish of the day.

When I went I tasted the California bowl with salmon, avocado, edamame, seaweed and rice: excellent. Then I ordered a toast, the simplest possible and the one that moved me was the bread: slightly wholemeal, with a little bit of seeds, crunchy at first taste and with a soft and tasty crumb. Really good bread.

You can’t talk about California Bakery without mentioning the New York Bagels, the only drawback is the avocado slices are cut really a bit too big to be able to eat the sandwich comfortably, but otherwise the smoked salmon melted in your mouth.

Then the desserts, I can’t even tell you which one I would choose because I like them all and above all I like that when you come in to have just a coffee, they serve it with a piece of sweet next to it, buonissimo!


California Bakery
Via San Vittore, 2
Corso Garibaldi, 89
Via Larga, 19
Piazza Sant’Eustorgio, 4
Corso Como, 5
City Life Shopping District
Viale Premuda, 44

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