1 flour is a semi-whole, very tasty flour, but still very thin and almost white. It gives a lot of taste to pasta, but it does not have the effect of real whole-wheat flour. The stone-ground sort is very good, because it also contains the innermost parts of the grain, such as the wheat germ.

If you can’t find it ready-made, you can “cut” 0 flour with one third of whole wheat flour. You can substitute the 1 flour 1 with the white whole wheat flour.In these years this type of flour has come back into the limelight because the consumer has become more demanding and knowledgeable and appreciates the characteristics of 1 flour.

The presence of wheat germ makes it very tasty, because this ingredient, which is the most inside the grain, it makes the dough that forms is more elastic, mixes and spreads easily and the once baked bread has a crumb with more air inside it. It is a flour rich in fiber and with long leavening it gives its best.

The more the flour (of any kind) is in contact with the yeast and the water, the more the cereal is able to bring out all its aromas and the 1 flour is ideal: it has enough gluten to hold long and watery mixes and all the potential to express its fragrances.

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