Country Bread with Seeds

I called it this bread because it refers to the French “pain de campagne” which is slightly wholewheat. The seeds, which I adore (I don’t know if it is understood!), in my opinion enrich the taste of bread giving a pleasant sensation in the mouth.

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Bread with Mixture of Ancient Grains

The mixture is a very interesting phenomenon because, by planting grains of ancient varieties of different types (soft and hard, precocious and late) the plants that will be born will be very different from each other: the lower ones will support the higher ones with a lower risk of lodging of plants and therefore a greater yield in the field.

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Spelled Loaf

Spelled flour is usually used mixed with other flours, depending on the type of bread you want to obtain, but this time I wanted to try making a spelled bread in purity.

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Wholemeal Bread Without Mixing

The long leavening time will help this process and give the gluten mesh time to form little by little. In fact, this bread takes advantage of the principle of autolysis: the enzymes present in the flour are activated in contact with water, causing the fermentation to start spontaneously.

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Einkorn Bread with Seeds

Einkorn is a type of spelt, specifically Triticum monococcum, and this is the German name. Spelt is the ancestor of wheat, it is in fact from the Triticum family, from which the soft wheat Triticum Aestivum and the durum wheat Triticum Durum derive.

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