Wholemeal Bread Without Mixing

The long leavening time will help this process and give the gluten mesh time to form little by little. In fact, this bread takes advantage of the principle of autolysis: the enzymes present in the flour are activated in contact with water, causing the fermentation to start spontaneously.

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Einkorn Bread with Seeds

Einkorn is a type of spelt, specifically Triticum monococcum, and this is the German name. Spelt is the ancestor of wheat, it is in fact from the Triticum family, from which the soft wheat Triticum Aestivum and the durum wheat Triticum Durum derive.

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Bread with Verna flour

The flour I used comes from the Tenuta di Monte Sante Marie, in Asciano, where Daniela Mugelli cultivates the soft wheat variety Verna and durum wheat Senatore Cappelli. The grain is strictly stone ground and the type 2 flour obtained keeps inside all the parts of the seed and with them all the aromas and nutritional qualities of this wonderful grain. The sourdough then completes the work producing a very tasty bread that lasts for days without hardening.

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Homemade Bread with Ancient Wheat

They gave me two packets of flour, one of Bologna soft wheat and one of Senatore Cappelli durum wheat. As soon as I started kneading them, I realized they were not common flours. The dough was perfect, smooth, velvety … I make a lot of bread and dough almost every day, so the difference immediately jumped to my eye. When I baked it my kitchen was invaded by a wonderful smell and when we tasted the bread, it was perfect: crispy crust, soft bread and a unique taste. All this is thanks to the filiera del Drago (Organized Gastronomic Rural Agricultural District) which produces ancient wheat flour in the province of Grosseto.

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