Mixed yeasts

Banana Bread

This dessert is often prepared when you have very ripe bananas that risk otherwise going bad. A good way to avoid waste and enjoy a good breakfast!

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Mixed Leavening Braid

This type of dough which involves the use of two types of different yeast has a number of advantages: the first is that, even using sourdough (which gives the bread certainly a different flavor), the times of leavening are contained; the second is that if you have recently awakened your yeast from the lethargy of the freezer (the three months in which the yeast can survive at such a low temperature) and is not yet in full form, the fresh yeast helps him with an extra sprint.

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Chestnut Bread with Dried Apricots

In principle, in all the recipes in which you use sourdough, you can also use fresh yeast: the basic rule in this case is 2 hours of rising, then the fold, another hour of rising and then cooking. In this recipe both procedures are described in parallel as a valid example for all the others.

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