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Wholemeal Bread Without Mixing

The long leavening time will help this process and give the gluten mesh time to form little by little. In fact, this bread takes advantage of the principle of autolysis: the enzymes present in the flour are activated in contact with water, causing the fermentation to start spontaneously.

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Awakening Pizza

This pizza is called “awakening” for two reasons: the first is that it is made with the sourdough just removed from the freezer after the summer rest (which is then awakening …), the second is obviously that you can eat it when you wake up (what that happens to me often).

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Cruffins, half way between a croissant and a muffin, are faster to make than croissants because you only have to cut strips of dough and roll them, but the result in the mouth is very similar, melting and pleasantly buttery.

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Banana Bread

This dessert is often prepared when you have very ripe bananas that risk otherwise going bad. A good way to avoid waste and enjoy a good breakfast!

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