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California Bakery

It is almost trivial to write a review on California Bakery, an institution in Milan in terms of American cuisine. A certain cuisine, one made of bagels, sandwiches, hamburgers, avocado toast, quiche and of course the legendary desserts.

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Panificatori Agricoli Urbani

Inside Cibo a Regola d’Arte, organized by Corriere della Sera, in the bakery area (new this year) there was a very interesting meeting with the Panificatori Agricoli Urbani: there were the bakers Davide Longoni, Valeria Messina, Pasquale Polito, Matteo Piffer, Giovanni Mineo and the founder of Mulinum Stefano Caccavari.

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Sourdough refresh

Sourdough is a living being and as such must be fed. It needs flour and water so that the bacteria contained within it can turn the starch of the flour into sugar and start leavening. Depending on how often you use sourdough and depending on where you keep it (in the fridge or at room temperature), it can be refreshed every day and up to about every 5 days.

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