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Forno Condiviso #buonaidea

Forno Condiviso del Corvetto wants to be a meeting point, a place for a community that revolves around the world of bread. A center where neighborhood residents, students, enthusiasts, producers and craftsmen find their meeting point.

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California Bakery

It is almost trivial to write a review on California Bakery, an institution in Milan in terms of American cuisine. A certain cuisine, one made of bagels, sandwiches, hamburgers, avocado toast, quiche and of course the legendary desserts.

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Panificatori Agricoli Urbani

Inside Cibo a Regola d’Arte, organized by Corriere della Sera, in the bakery area (new this year) there was a very interesting meeting with the Panificatori Agricoli Urbani: there were the bakers Davide Longoni, Valeria Messina, Pasquale Polito, Matteo Piffer, Giovanni Mineo and the founder of Mulinum Stefano Caccavari.

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