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Hi, I’m Anna Pacchi, I have been working longer than ten years in the world of food and its publishing. A passionate adept of cooking since I was a child, I started cooking with my grandmother. Then, when I grew up, I turned this passion into a profession and I tried living it in all aspects: as an author of single recipes and editor of collected works, as a translator, as a home economist and even as a photographer, and every time I discovered a new
and exciting side to the profession. I collaborate with various cooking magazines such as Cucina Moderna and Giallo Zafferano. I never stop thinking about new books that I would like to publish and I designed a lab on publishing related to food in the new Bicocca Università masters Cibo & Società.
I passionately try never to quit the cooking stove or the kneading board, because while I cook I can think and relax. In my former life I worked as an art restorer and it’s there I learnt to harmonize colors and to be careful of details, things both which I try to introduce into my cooking.

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A passion, in my life, cooking. My cooking web site Pizzaforbreakfast
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